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AAUP Bucknell is an advocacy chapter of the American Association of University Professors composed of academic professionals who are dedicated to promoting academic freedom and workplace democracy at Bucknell University. Regardless of membership, we serve all academic professionals on campus and we welcome your participation.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Bucknell employees have seen our workloads increase even as our wages have decreased relative to inflation. AAUP Bucknell is spearheading the call for just compensation. All employees should receive annual wage increases that match inflation (measured by the consumer price index (CPI)) plus 5% for wage erosion in recent years. ‘Ray for Fair Pay! CPI+5%! Join us!

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Join AAUP Bucknell

  • Fill out this form to become an AAUP Bucknell participant.
  • All data is kept by AAUP Bucknell, which is an independent organization not affiliated with Bucknell University.
  • You do not need to be a dues-paying member of AAUP National to participate in AAUP Bucknell. Only active members of AAUP National may vote in AAUP Bucknell chapter decisions. (Review our Chapter Bylaws).

Report a Grievance

  • AAUP Bucknell is an organization composed of academic professionals who serve all those who work at Bucknell. In order to do so, we welcome input, information, and grievances from all community members.
  • This form is anonymous unless you choose to share your contact information. 
  • Data is stored off Bucknell servers.

Priorities and Goals

Our priorities and goals for the 2023-24 academic year were set by members and participants at the August 2023 chapter meeting. They are:

  • Grow AAUP Bucknell membership among all who work at Bucknell across all departments and divisions and all three colleges, except for administration
  • Facilitate communication among AAUP Bucknell members and participants and between AAUP Bucknell and the administration
  • Shed light on unequal pay and workload across the university
  • Expand and influence shared governance by promoting workplace democracy for all.

Compensation Philosophy

We believe that one’s compensation at Bucknell should derive from one’s job responsibilities (as reflected in annually updated job descriptions), in combination with qualifications related to one’s years of experience fulfilling these job responsibilities. We encourage standardization of job titles and compensation across the University. We believe that compensation should be irrespective of divisional placement within the university. We believe that Bucknell should move towards becoming a market leader in compensation for all positions, prioritizing the compensation packages of the lowest paid staff members.

— Pay Equity and Work Sharing Committee (Fall 2023)