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AAUP Bucknell recognizes that building and maintaining institutional memory is key to our success in advocating for better wages, working conditions and workloads for Bucknell faculty, staff and student-employees. This publicly available archive contains documents related to the Bucknell workplace. The archive pools the talents of individual advocates to increase the visibility and scalability of their work. It is also essential to holding our university leaders accountable.

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During his years as Chair of the Faculty, now retired Professor of Physics Marty Ligare maintained an extensive archive of documents related to shared governance and administration policy relating to the period 2000-2012. Although no longer updated, the archive remains a valuable resource.

University Workers United for a Fair Future (UWUFF) was a solidarity network that was active during to the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Organized by Bret Leraul and Katryn Evinson, it convened organizers from all over the country to share tactics and strategies to forestall the worst effects of pandemic imposed austerity. The group is no longer active but the online teach-ins and other resources still hosted on the website are still useful to higher education organizers.

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