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2023-24 Priorities and Working Committees

The first chapter meeting of AAUP Bucknell on August 25 played host to a robust conversation among 40 faculty and staff to set the chapter’s agenda for 2023-24. The standing charge of AAUP is:

  • growing AAUP Bucknell membership among all who work at Bucknell outside administration across all three colleges (Arts and Sciences Engineering, Management) and all departments and divisions;
  • facilitating communication among AAUP Bucknell members and participants adn between AAUP Bucknell and the administration.

Our 2023-24 goals and priorities are:

  • shedding light on unequal pay and work sharing at the university;
  • expanding and influencing shared governance and promoting workplace democracy for all.

These 4 priorities correspond to our 4 working committees which are entrusted to craft and execute strategies for achieving these goals.

  • Membership Committee
  • Communications Commitee
  • Pay Transparency and Work Sharing Committee
  • Workplace Democracy Committee

If you’d like to participate in a working committee, you do not need to be a dues-paying member. Just fill out the AAUP Bucknell membership form and get in touch with the members of the executive council.

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